Get a woman's perspective on dating and relationships, from someone who knows how the female mind works. Olyvia's books are designed to give a fresh, amusing and deep look into the dynamics of male and female attraction. Survival of the Shittest, in particularly, sheds light on the little-known phenomenon of Shit Tests, which, if misunderstood, could send a relationship down the sewer.

What readers are saying:

"I am an author and teacher on dating, attraction, love and conscious sexuality - and I not only laughed when I read this book - I contacted Olyvia and put her on the phone with 500 men who called in to learn her secrets. Men get scared when women test them - but testing the integrity and solidity of a manis how women can learn if a man is trustable.... or will collapse when challenged. A great and must read for guys. A smart insight into how to test men for women."

- Adam Gilad,

"This book will prepare you to succeed at those tests and increase your likelihood of a frustration-free, pain-free, sexually- fulfilled relationship. Thank you for a great book and for doing a service to men all over the world."

-Tibbie, top Amazon reviewer

"This book was a revelation into my personal history, bringing to mind moments when I had passed Shit Tests spectacularly, and others times when I equally spectacularly failed them. It illuminated aspects of my failed marriage and confirmed my own conclusion that mastery of the Shit Test is the essence of pick-up-ism and maintaining relationships. Shit Tests separate the Alpha males from the boys. He who masters the Shit Test displays towering confidence with women. Even the heroic Cyrano de Bergerac says, "she might laugh at me. It is the one thing I fear."

-Adam, a divorcee who found new love with a beautiful women not long after reading Survival of the Shittest